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Remembering the lives of those who no longer remember
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About the campaign

When someone is diagnosed with dementia, it can be devastating to them and their loved ones. But, it’s important to hold on to who you know they are, before the diagnosis. This campaign encourages us to remember that the person is more than the disease. Through this campaign, we hope to break the stigma surrounding dementia and encourage artists to submit their work that may represent memory loss, dementia, caregiving etc.

The theme ‘Remembering You’ is open to many different interpretations and also invites artists, be they amateur or professional, to evoke memories of a loved one who may be affected by dementia and find a way of preserving the memory of the person that is distinct from the progressive effects of their condition. The exhibition is open to a wide variety of mediums, from paintings and drawings to poetry and prose, and may include sketches, pottery, collage, photographs, film, music and any other form of expression the artist chooses.


What type of art can you submit?


Pottery | Paintings | Sculptures


Poetry | Short Stories | Words


Photography | Film | Music

Through this campaign, we seek to inspire people to reflect on the essence of memory and trying to capture thoughts and emotions around this abstract concept through artistic expression.


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