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Terms and Conditions

Please note that where a person is identifiable in the artwork, for example a photograph of an individual, the artist must be sure to get the consent of that person to be depicted in the artwork and for it to be featured as part of the exhibition. Livewell Villages will not be held liable for any breach of privacy or the unlawful submission of any such images, photographs, representations, pictures or the like.

There is no financial incentive for submitting a piece of art to the exhibition, as the intention is to create awareness and foster understanding of the impact of dementia.

By making a submission to the ‘Remembering You’ online art exhibition, artists acknowledge that the collection will be publicly visible and may be featured in Livewell’s public relations and social media activities to help raise awareness about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

As this is a virtual exhibition hosted online, please submit photographs of physical artworks such as paintings or sculptures in Jpeg format; poetry or prose should please be submitted in Word format and sound or film can be submitted in MP4 format via Dropbox or Wetransfer.

Livewell Villages reserves the right to screen all submissions in line with the objectives of the Remembering You initiative. Please remember that this is intended as a family-friendly online art exhibition and works that are deemed unsuitable or inappropriate will not be considered for submission.